The Five most Popular Designer Rain Boots for Women

Rain boots for women are not merely for keeping your feet dry in wet weather, they are complete fashion statements. They are practical and come in numerous brands, patterns and styles that it is almost impossible not to consider them as accessories.

Tips on Selecting Perfect Rain Boots

When selecting a style of rain boots, someone should pick one that matches the majority of an individual’s wardrobe. One should also be watchful of the current trends so that they can avoid regretting it later. Other relevant factors to examine when purchasing rain boots include:


It is crucial to know one’s size although selecting the size of rain boots can be tricky. It is advisable to purchase boots which are adjustable in the calf region to prevent them from being either too loose or tight around the calf. Additionally, one should decide on the boot-length prior to purchase. There are various lengths are mid-calf, calf-high, ankle-high and knee high rain boots for women.

Quality Check

Coach women's designer rain bootsIt is crucial to check the boot quality. Good quality boots are typically plastic or rubber-made. The material must certainly be waterproof, and one should pay attention to the boot soles. The soles should be non-skid or tight-gripping since you will be using them on slippery and wet surfaces.


Initially boots were not compatible with an individual’s fashion, though the situation has currently changed thanks to the multiple shoe manufacturers. These days, designer rain boots for women, are commonplace in the stores. One should consider how the boots looks with various outfits. In addition, one should not select boots that are overly ornate or have complex designs.

Brands, Shops

The most popular rain boot brands are Kamik, Chooka, Bogs and Tretron. It is recommended that you consider your budget when purchasing new boots. It is impractical to purchase boots that are extremely expensive and that you cannot afford.

Although Hunter is among the most costly brands, they have exceptional style and quality which makes them worth their price. It is thus; wise to consider cost-efficiency over style.

Brands of Rain Boots


This brand has its origin from Scotland. These boots are famous for being totally waterproof accompanied by nylon lining that will prevent the feet from being too sweaty and hot.

Sperry Top-Spider

These boots are for individuals who spend a considerable amount of time in the water. They provide excellent traction and have additional rubber external sole.

Designer Rain Boots for Women

Burrberry Designer womens rain bootsThere are various designer rain boots to choose from. The five most popular designer rain boots for women are:

Hunter Original Gloss

These boots come in various bright colors with an excellent shiny finish. They also have an orthopedic last which offer the famous “hunter” comfort and fit.

Gabriella Rocha

These boots have vibrant colors and are available in black, green and teal. These chic boots have lug soles that keep wearers steady on polished sidewalks.

Jimmy Choo & Hunter-Croc Talk

These boots represent a distinctive collaboration between the conventional wellington experts and directional brand of footwear. These stylish boots can be worn at different occasions from country weekends to festivals.

Stuart Weitzman-Puddles

These exotic boots prevent soaking feet with their mid-calf length. The jaguar-themed boots have animal prints and are playful in terms of description.

Bogs Alex

Although these designer rain boots have garish patterns and colors and are exaggerated, they are simple without appearing boring.

The best thing to remember is although it is a cold and dreary day outside. You can still  keep your sense of fashion and style on that walk in the rain.

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